Caring Before Intensive Care Begins

  • Equipped with a transport incubator, air-oxygen blenders, neonatal resuscitators and a protocol based retrieval system; our NETS (Neonatal Emergency Transport System) aims to provide quality transport services to the ill newborns.

  • A dedicated team is always on the wheels, to fulfil the needs of your baby.


  • Spread over 4 levels, the centre has NICU with Family Centered (FaCe) rooms and Neonatologists Chamber on the Level 3, SCNU with the Economy wards and special rooms along with the Howard Admin Room on the Level 2, Operation Theatre, ICU and Relatives Lounge on the Level 1 and Pathology and Radiology departments along with OPD complex on the Ground level.

  • The ambience is very soothing with emphasis on maintaining neat and clean surroundings.

Making Your Baby Breathe Better

  • We at Howard have taken utmost care while designing the respiratory solutions for the fragile newborns.

  • This includes dedicated neonatal ventilators with Volume Guarantee for gentle conventional ventilation.

  • We also have facilities for High Frequency Ventilation (with Volume Guarantee) for those difficult respiratory challenges.

  • Non invasive ventilation in the form of Bubble CPAPs and Infant Flow Drivers are available in our nursery.

  • We have provision for High flow oxygen therapy; and air blenders for accurate Oxygen Saturation targeted therapy.

  • State of the art Central Oxygen, Compressed Air & Central Suction System with imported Penlon ports.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

  • A lot of thinking has gone into designing our unit into an infection free zone.

  • We are one of the rare NICUs in the country with the unique 4 stage High Efficiency Filters with 35-40 air exchanges per hour delivering air at 25’ C (+/- 2), humidity 40-60% at class 100,000.

  • Our Hepa Filtration system helps create a microorganism free environment in the NICU.

  • Laminar flow with UV radiation is used for preparation of medications, TPN, etc.

  • We have an automated EtO sterilisation machine to meet the needs of our centre’s sterilisation techniques.

  • Automatic Autoclave systems take care of sterilisation of instruments, etc.

  • There is strict emphasis on Hand Washing with Sensor based taps, Ultra filtered water and medicated solutions.

  • Procedure bundles are designed & integrated in our system for consistent and sterile care.

  • Self auditing is done regularly, to improve the newborn care & management.

  • iCaN – is the Integrated Intensive Care of Newborn; our unique protocol based system for antibiotic therapy and treatment of newborn illnesses.

Home Away From Home

  • Family Centred care forms the core principle of our Unit’s working policies.

  • A sterile, thermoneutral environment is provided by Air Handling Units (AHUs) and strictly monitored by Digital Thermometers and Hygrometers.

  • A low noise, environment is provided by use of sound proof glass and rigorously monitored by Decibel Sound Meter

  • This is supported by a ‘Mobile Free Zone’ in the nurseries.

  • ‘Quiet time’ is designed for babies to promote physiological growth and is facilitated by use of light dimmers in the NICU.

  • ‘Clustering’ for baby handling is encouraged to minimise disturbance to the fragile newborn.

  • ‘Nesting’ is provided for call babies & ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ is promoted

  • Soft, soothing music in all Nursery Rooms to enable holistic growth, healing & relaxation.

  • Special emphasis is paid to encouraging breast feeding, and we have a Lactation Management program for the same.