Most newborns reach NICU in a critical state.

Neonatal Emergency Transport System(N.E.T.S)

  • Baby’s often reach the NICU in a very critical condition, even though they are cared for by the paediatricians and the obstetricians at the delivery room

  • A major contributor to this is a lack of maternity home-to-NICU transfer facilities in our country

  • Our Neonatal Emergency Transport System (NETS) is an answer to this deficiency. It is designed to make sure that the most unwell of newborns reach our unit in the best possible state

  • NETS team is trained to handle newborn emergencies, equipped with portable monitors, oxygen and ventilatory support

  • Transporting babies from point of delivery to the Howard Newborn Centre with monitoring and treatment aimed towards stabilisation of the most critical of babies