Unique difficulties need unique solutions..

Our Innovative Systems

  • Utmost care has been taken to ensure that each baby receives personalised gentle care in our nursery

  • A sterile, thermoneutral environment provided by Air handling Units & monitored by Digital Thermometers & Hygrometers

  • Low noise environment provided by use of sound proof glass and strictly monitored by Decibel Sound Meters

  • ‘Mobile Free Zone’ in the nursery area to ensure uninterrupted care

  • ‘Quiet time’ designed for babies to grow better physiologically, facilitated by light dimmers in the NICU

  • ‘Clustering’ for baby handling is encouraged in our unit to minimise disturbances to the fragile newborn

  • ‘Nesting’ provided for all babies and ‘Kangaroo mother care’ is promoted towards making the baby better, sooner

  • Soft, ‎soothing music in all Nursery rooms helps the babies’ healing, growth and relaxation.