I have two children, Lidell (6yrs) and Elikay (2yrs). Elikay was born pre-mature. He was the size of half my arm and weighed equal to one and half kgs of apples. My biggest worry how will we manage?? But the entire staff was so efficient, loving yet professional and made us comfortable. Dr. Dixit’s and Dr. S Chawla’s positivity helped us through the delicate times. They say Doctors hands have magic but here they treat with their heart. Elikay is doing fantastic now and Lidell is super Princess. And yes, Lidell finds both the doctors good looking. Now that’s a treat for all the kids too.

Lidell and Elikay

Our first child Aaradhaya developed pneumonitis overnight. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Shewta Chawla who came and examined Aaradhya at 5:00 am in the morning and immediately put him on oxygen and shifted him to the NICU in her own car. Dr. Chawla explained to us the complications involved and the line of treatment that she was going to follow. Dr. Chawla is extremely diligent, and truly professional. She took personal care of Aaradhya and was examining Aaradhya daily, early mornings and even late in the night and apprised us of the situation. Gradually with God’s grace and Dr. Chawla’s diligence and the wonderful care of the nurses at the NICU, Aaradhya’s condition improved and he came out from the NICU and is hale, hearty and healthy.

Make no mistake about it, I could have consulted the best of pediatrics in the top hospitals of Mumbai. But it was Dr. Chawla’s personal touch, her empathy towards Aaradhya and us, that made us feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Chawla is extremely good at her work and her early diagnosis and quick decision cured Aaradhya. Truly for us, Dr. Chawla is the best peadiatric second to none. Harsh & Parul will be grateful and thankful to her for the rest of their life’s.

Harsh & Parul