Commitment to Intact survival for every newborn, at every moment through honest, dedicated & competent care…


“It has been 18 years since I first stepped in an NICU. The first sight of the ailing, tiny newborn, who had just entered this big, wide world; only to be welcomed with illnesses moved me immensely. That newborn succumbed a few hours later, but sparked within myself a desire and passion to work religiously towards making these little ones comfortable, and trying my best to cure them of their ills.

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“Being a newborn and child specialist itself is a huge challenge, more so when you are a mother yourself; and can empathise with the parents of an ill child. My heart goes out to all the suffering children and vulnerable newborns and their parents, who afford us with an opportunity to serve them. I strive to give them the best possible treatment, working with compassion, care and honesty. 

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I have two children, Lidell (6yrs) and Elikay (2yrs). Elikay was born pre-mature. He was the size of half my arm and weighed equal to one and half kgs of apples. My biggest worry how will we manage?? But the entire staff was so efficient, loving yet professional and made us comfortable. Dr. Dixit’s and Dr. S Chawla’s positivity helped us through the delicate times. They say Doctors hands have magic but here they treat with their heart. Elikay is doing fantastic now and Lidell is super Princess. And yes, Lidell finds both the doctors good looking. Now that’s a treat for all the kids too.
Lidell and Elikay
It was Dr. Chawla’s personal touch, her empathy towards Aaradhya and us, that made us feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Chawla is extremely good at her work and her early diagnosis and quick decision cured Aaradhya. Truly for us, Dr. Chawla is the best peadiatric second to none. We will be grateful and thankful to her for the rest of their life’s.
Harsh & Parul

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